Having cut by hand the raw material for the first test semaphore bracket, there "may" be some kind of POWER cutting tool in my future. It is all aluminum. Now there are only 13 bracket and 24 arms to cut because that is all the semaphores I have. In the end there will be 32 brackets and 60 arms. My handheld reciprocating saw seems kind of rude-and-crude for these small parts.

Each bracket takes about a 2" cut in 1/8" aluminum. The arms take a 1" cut in 3/8" aluminum bar. Coming are 60 Post, cuts from 3/8" hex stainless-steel rod. Ordered a band saw. I don't know where I am going to put it. This was not part of the shop "plan."

Made a second test bracket using 1" aluminum angle. Refinement of the design needed. Learning a lot about my new tools. Updated diagrams.