The bracket is mounted directly under the semaphore signal to hold the servo arm and servo to control the semaphore arm(s) and to hold a small circuit board to provide power to the LEDs on the semaphore tower.

Updated bracket

Final semaphore control bracket

This manufactured arm reduces the vertical travel of the servo horn, connected on the right to match the needed travel of the semaphore control wire, connected on the left. Control wires are connected with E-Z connectors. The 1/4" hole in the middle swivels over the post.

machanical drawing of servo arm

The post is manufactured from a 3/8" hex bar to support the arm. The small end is threaded into the bracket and locked in place with a #4-40 locking nut.

Post for semaphore arm

The horn that comes with the servo is modified to accept an E-Z connector. The horn fits on the servo's knurled shaft and is connected to the long end of the arm above, with a "push-rod" using E-Z connectors.

Servo horn with added 1/16" hole