As I start the mental process of designing and how to build custom jigs to make the arms, I marvel at how many degrees of separation I am from cleaning a closet and the software simulator that started this. Also waiting for a small lathe to arrive so I can turn the post and a horizontal band saw to do all the cutting.

  • Updated TechSmith software packages.
  • Added a "Tools" subdivision to the Hardware section, below, to have a single place to document jigs, adapters, new tools, etc.
  • Made the first Servo Arm jig
  • Milled ~0.02" off of the rotary table L-Clamp mounting bracket so it would work.
  • Made the second Servo Arm jig. The results are not acceptable. Learned a lot about the jigs and using them to make an arm. Take a break and start over.
  • Using the cruddy arm, identified issues with the bracket design. Interference between two arms and semaphore control wires became more obvious.