Creating a new domain on a new host is not for the faint of heart! Spent a day getting the PHP Bulletin Board (phpBB) running again. When I tried to update the phpBB to the latest version, I discovered that the host does not have available the required version of PHP. So back to an older version of phpBB.

Spent time getting searchable by Google; Added robots.txt, which tell robots what to index and where the site maps are and added two sitemaps to the new domain. One sitemap indexes the top level of the domain including the documentation. Added an extension to phpBB to create a second dynamic sitemap for the bulletin board. This required a change to the phpBB .htaccess file. 

Started adding "descriptions" to each topic in this document to aid SEO (Google) indexing and search. (Slow, boring). Sent "feature request" to HelpNDoc to be able to add alternative text to each of the images. Currently the <img> tag attribute, "alt" is blank (alt=""), not good for SEO. With contact with tech-support, found where to add alt text. Need to add descriptions to the simulator documentation/help along with "alt=" descriptions for each image. Description for each "documentation" page is coming.

Three-aspect semaphores that have been "out of stock with no known date for availability", are FINELY available.

Dual-head 3-aspect semaphore poleSingle-head 3-aspect semaphore 

With the sale last year of the manufacture of these semaphores, I ordered the required number. I had been putting off this expense and hoped to spread it out. Can't install them all at once. Now they will need to be stored.

And where is the mill? Web page for Grizzly or the trucking company indicates it has been delivered. Will call. Now where is my flat stone?? With a kick, both will call to arrange delivery.

Turns out that only 9 dual-head semaphores are (were) in stock. The other 18 are now on back order. 

Added detail, granularity, to Phase II and III of the Design. Added SEO to the two simulator documents.

Need to focus.