Assign train to path detail screen shot

There are two ways to configure which of the four paths are followed by trains during a simulation run.

  • You can click the <Random Trains> button at the bottom of the {Configure Trains} section. The system will randomly select 1 - 4 trains to run during the simulation. Each train will randomly be assigned to a path and direction (CW or CCW). The {Configure Trains} will be updated to reflect the random assignments. You can click <Random Trains> again for a new random assignment or change the assignment as below before pressing <Run Train(s)> to start the simulation.
  • You can select 1 to 4 paths: Small figure-8, Large figure-8, Small oval and/or Large oval. Each path can be run in a CW or CCW direction by clicking the appropriate radio button. To activate a path, select the color of the train you want to follow the path from the drop-down menu. Use a color only once. Logically a train can only follow one path. And of course, it does not make sense to run the simulator without selecting any trains/paths.

When you click <Run Train(s)> colored trains not selected here will be magically removed from the display.

By default, the <Single Run> radio button is selected. In this mode, the colored trains you select will exit the 'Parking Lot' and follow the assigned path. This should run forever or until you end the run by selecting <End Run> or <ABORT> on the next screen.

Select <End Run> and the trains will find their way back to the 'Parking Lot'. <ABORT> will rudely stop the simulation run and place the trains back in their beginning parking locations. In either case the Initialize State screen will again be displayed.

See <Repeat Similar Runs> for details of repeat runs.