This was a last-minute addition for testing. Select 1,2,3 or 4 paths/trains above for the simulation run, select the <Repeat Similar Runs> radio button and then click <Run Train(s)>.

  1. First the entered simulation configured will be run for a random number of steps (out of the parking lot, random number of run steps, then back to the parking lot).
  2. The simulator will randomly select the same number of paths CW/CCW and randomly assign each path to colored trains.
  3. This new random simulation will be run for a random number of steps, as in step 1.
  4. This will repeat until the simulator is stopped.

During a "Run" the process can be stopped by clicking <End Run> or <ABORT>.

This "feature" was added to help in testing. Keeping in mind there are:

  • 384 different runs of 4 trains running 4 of the 8 paths
  • 192 runs of 3 trains
  • 48 runs of 2 trains
  • 8 runs of 1 train

That is 632 tests to run. Booooring. So, I added random testing.

It may look like there are more runs using different colored trains. However, due to the choke point exiting the parking lot into CW figure-eight paths, the order determined by the color of the trains is lost. The color of the train is looked at by the software only when getting back into the parking lot. Obviously, the RED train must be parked first. Otherwise the permutation of paths is accounted for in the numbers above.

In the beginning the order of the paths appeared to be important. If path "A" is assigned to RED (first) or GREEN (last) is different. Anecdotally, both runs seem to fall into a pattern after executing in the 'Run' mode for a while.

Please record any different analysis on the Simulator forum of the Bulletin Board.