This section contains all the elements of the TrainThing connected to the base

Train Base

Decided I needed to add a "Pi guard" to the front edge of the table top. Used biscuits and lots of glue. To the left is the switch (and labels) to switch block #14 of the track between normal run and a programming track. The fan push button, traffic monitor LEDs, RPi run LED, and RPI run/stop switch will all be on a fixture near the mug. The Unicorns will also come up through the base and be mounded by the teacup.

Pi Guard, a Table top extention to protect the PiThe Pi will be mounted under the top

The full Raspberry Pi stack mounted under the layout. The gray/blue ribbon cables connected to the front and left side bring in the 24 sensors from the Wabbits. The plug on the top left brings the interrupt lines from the IOPi up to the Unicorn header board where the voltage dividers are mounted. The cable for the Unicorns plug in on top, more things on the right and all the semaphores servos go in the front. The switch on the left edge of the photo controls block #14 of the track; Programming mode or Main line.

RPi Mounted under layout