Decided to move the vertical mill to make more room for the lathe. With the mill in motion, now is the time to add a DRO (digital readout) for the X-axis (left to right). I will need to shorten the rail and make a bracket to mount the measuring unit I am more concerned about drilling and taping the mounting holes in the mill's harden steel. Feet for the lathe stand should arrive by the end of the week. Plenty of time to finish the mod.

The lathe's Owner's Manual arrived wet and moldy. Requested replacement.

Added decent LED shop lighting. Much better.

Adding the DRO has been a learning experience. When drilling and tapping a mounting hole in the hardened steel of the mill bed, I should have drilled the hole a lot deeper than "needed." In a blind hole the tap cannot add thread all the way to the bottom. So I need to use washers to hold things tight. There is almost no space for the needed bracket. More thought and design needed.

Instead of using aluminum bar decided to use some 1/2" phenolic sheet. Pictures of the mod are below in the hardware section.