Adding DRO (Digital Read Out) to the X (left-right) axis of the mill. The silver/black rail (pictured below) will be mounted on the back edge of the table next to the coolant drain on the left. Need to cut the stainless-steel rail to fit. Will use a piece of aluminum angle to act as a chip shield.

Parts layed out for X DRO

I milled a piece of 1/2" phenolic sheet to make a bracket to hold the sensor in place while the table moves left to right. The part visible below the sensor was milled down to fit under the bar holding the rubber chip guard. The back of the bracket was milled so the bracket would clear the aluminum angle used to keep chips off of the DRO rail.

Front of mounting bracketBack of mounting bracket

Installed. Fortunately the sensor, gray box buried in the rubber sheet, does not move.

X-DRO installed on mill

Right now the X-DRO readout is mounded on the headstock above the Z-axis DRO (vertical). To the left is the spindle speed readout. The new DRO readout has magnets on the back for mounting option.

DRO display on headstock