Sand, vacuum, paint floor, more watching paint dry

Moved the mill from the porch upstairs to the playroom.

Levity nor levitation got the boxes up the 16 narrow steps, around the corner and through the narrower door. Did take 3 younger men and an old(er) goat! 

Mill and stand on porch

Not in its final location, the 300lb of "a" does go on top of "b". Some cleaning required.

The mill with crate removed

Mill stand with tools

Mill Chip Guard inplace

Chip Guard interlock-Safty Switch

First mod was to remove the chip guard and bypass the interlock switch. 

Chip Guard Safty Switch bypassed

Chip Guard removed,

Time for the OSHA "KEEP OUT" sign.

The mill is in place. Many iterations of leveling, tweaking and setup to follow. Also, some learning and making big pieces of metal into little pieces. At some point I hope to make something useful. In the meantime, back to Raspberry Pi software and hardware.