In the Parking state, each train is moved, in order, from their current CCW figure-eight path into the right-hand end of the parking lot and stopped in their assigned parking place. When all trains are parked one of two actions is taken:

  • In the single run mode (default), the simulator is returned to the Stopped state (0) and the initialization program is started.
  • In the Repeat Similar Runs mode, the simulator is switched to the Idle state (1) and a new random simulation is started.

The steps to move all trains from their current large or small figure-eight to the parking space are:

  1. If four trains are running in the simulation the red train is:
    • If following a small CCW figure-eight, move to a large CCW figure-eight.
    • From the large CCW figure-eight path switched to the short ending path and parked.
  1. When there are three or fewer trains to be parked, move any train following a small CCW figure-eight path to a large CCW figure-eight path.
  2. In color order, red, orange, yellow & green, move trains from a large CCW path to the short ending path to park the train.

Steps 2 and 3 can be followed at the same time depending on the color and location of each train.

When all trains are parked the simulator goes to the Stopped or Idle state as described above.