list car location after each move

This list of moves saved from a run of the simulator. I spent way too much time getting the layout the way I 'wanted' it. As with the simulator, and the layout when built, the numbered cars come off the right hand end of the sidings, to the left hand end of the head shunt (visualize the turnouts between siding 1 and the head shunt.

The Simulator run that produced this list of moves can be seen as the "First Run Simulation" on the main menu <Inglenook><Videos><First Run Simulation>

Yes the simulator needs some work.

The moves are printed from a saved ".json" formatted file. The first line, "Start", is the beginning position entered or retrieved from the information saved from the last simulator run. "The Answer" is taken from the 8-digit text file saving the last puzzle answer to start the next run. All for troubleshooting/analysis really.