Proect base with cork roadbead and backdrop

Cork track bed done, sanded.

Identified materials needed to hold up the sides of the background. ~~ Trip to town.

Board in the front (to the right) is bolted in place so I can move it out of the way. Have Velcro to hold shroud in place. The 2x4 on the left is used to hold the track bed up when working "underneath."

Ends of backdrop are now hemmed and Velcro is in place. Re designed/built the add-on for the Mega. Redesigned three times, finely got it right. Double checked which Arduino pins are not used by DCC++ and how to address the analog pins as sensors

DCC++ does not print out all the list I would like. Did figure out how to dump the information into a log file and then print that. Will include PDF files of the results in the DCC coding section at the end.

The long-awaited turnouts arrived in the mail. After two days/nights getting short of half done, I have learned two things

Should have waited for the turnouts before gluing down the cork in the middle.

Should have started on the "backside" where the learning curve wouldn't show as much.