Cleaned up some documentation. "Completed" the Help for the Simulator

Wired the Arduino IR & Relay Heater, photographed the three HW modes and documented wiring, Made PDF copies of DCC++ Trains, Sensors and the DCC Output that controls the relays to reverse the DCC signal on tracks 7 and 8.

Updated HelpNDoc which now has an option to generate a "one page" version with a TOC.

Finely thought of a dumb simple change to display.html so the "display" window can be resized so there does not need to be any window overlap.

Spending time to over think setting up the Wabbits to control the turnouts. DCC Specialties has developed Smart Route in their decoders so that several turnouts can be controlled with a single accessory command. I also discovered that the Wabbit/Tortoise takes about 2 seconds transit time. Don't know what effect that will have on real world trains moving onto turnouts.

Just spent 3 hours looking for a SW error. Turned out to be a "." where a "," should have been. Both resulted in valid code, of course one did not work as expected. Have couple of fixes and a display issue to run down and the simulator may be ready for release into the wild. 

Added copyright to the Train Thing Simulator screens.

Updated the Train Thing BB and added an extension so that "Contact us" goes to a hidden forum instead of an email to webmaster.

All the track for the real thing is in place. There maybe two or three places that need fixing so the locos don't fall off. No wiring. Basic DCC power is next, track and turnouts.