Finely figured out how to send data to and display on two Unicorn HD 16x16 LED displays, using the two SPI chip selects on the Raspberry Pi!! I did not find the documentation for drivers/library modules that informative.

The Unicorn HD HAT driver ( needed several changes to use the SPI chip selects (CS0 & CS1) available on the Raspberry Pi header.

OK, so I may need a new camera. What is wrong with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P50, circa 2001? Except the lack of close focus, can't find new memory cards and the original battery packs don't hold a charge. The camera eats "AA" batteries like candy!

On the other hand, this is the first video and first effort with the TechSmith Camtasia video editing software.

Found a Logitech C920 HD WebCam in a box. Downloaded app and documentation. Manual is a bit lite and refers to Windows 8. Just say'n. But video and photos look good. Great low light images, digital zoom and auto focus. Don't even remember why I have this thing. 

If you look closely you can see three spots on the unicorn HD HATs where the red element of tri-color LEDs has failed.

Photos from the USB webcam are OK too. Looks like I need blinds and a higher tripod.

So So photo using USB webcam

During dry run for video #1, a bad solder joint caused a hardware failure. Easy fix.

Added the first train video the website. The bandwidth on my current server is lacking. Looking at the photo above and the train video, I need to work on lighting. Maybe a "window treatment" to even out the light level. Looking at the edges of the video I can see the focus is not as sharp as in the middle. More light could help the depth of field. 

Looking at the train video, decided the 2x4s in the back need to be covered. Adding another project to the list.