Wall behind where the mill will go is prepped. Added power plugs for the mill and the lathe (which I know is in my future). Need to run wiring for one more receptacle, needed for strictly geeky electrical maintenance reasons. Got a 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" plywood down to reinforce the floor. Trim along two sides still needed. Getting a 4x8 sheet down on a 4-1/2' x 9' floor is tricky. Trying to find a place to stand while moving the plywood into place made me think of the old engineering joke about 'keeping the canaries flapping their wings in an overloaded plan to lighten the load.'

Updated HelpNDoc

The semaphores have been upgraded to use a 12vdc LED instead of a 1v5dc bulb as indicated in the Hobbylinc online listing. Need a different power supply.

Tool room floor is down, and the wallboard is up. Well the wallboard except for the opening to finish wiring the rest of the house. Machinist level and magnetic holder arrived. Made a technical fix to robots.txt.

Joint compound on the walls and filler in the open joints in the floor. Should be ready to paint.

Added command structure to control semaphores to the DCC++ Coding heading below.