With a 2" dial drop indicator and magnetic base holder, I can now repeatably make the post for the semaphore brackets. There has to be a better way, so added another tool to the list. The drop indicator name makes me think "vertical" and I want to measure "horizontal." This reminded me of an old ethic joke.

Two workers were at the lumber yard trying to stand a telephone pole up to measure it. A city slicker watches them struggle for a while and then ask "Why don't you lay it on the ground and then measure it?"

The two men look at each other and in disgust say "We want to know how tall it is, NOT how long it is!"

Taking a second look at the Wabbits, used to control Tortoises which move turnouts. There are two opto-isolators on the Wabbit to reflect the status of each turnout, one for clear and one for thrown. The documentation does not say if the opto-isolators reflect a command/switch setting or when the Tortoise motor stalls having reached a new state. Collecting parts for a test.