Software development is boring to watch so am also working on hardware for the semaphore signals. Needing to design and make mounts for the servos to control the semaphores, I am taping into the knowledge of my cousin, relevant experience from blacksmith to watchmaking tools. I have ordered a smallish lathe/milling machine because I will need 32 custom servo mounts and know that if I use a hacksaw & file, they will each be unique. AND some may meet the need.

First iteration of the servo bracket drawn and shared. While collecting data I found out that the manufacture of the semaphores was sold. Along with a technical question, I ask if the two models of semaphores are going to continue to be available. OR do I need to start a new search. -- Standing by.

First order of a milling machine was a bust. New tool order place, bigger and better. When they get here, getting them/it upstairs, installed, and learning how to turn it on could be saga of its own.