Three PWM Bonnets

Stack of three 16-channel PWM/Servo Bonnets. Wires on the left provide 5vdc to drive the servos. In the front are 48 sets of 3-pins, each to control a servo (another 16 servos are controlled by the 16-channel HAT). The 3-pins provide a 3v3 PWM control signal, +5vdc and common to control and power a servo. The double row of 20-pins at the top, is where the Unicorn interface board is plugged in. At the upper right are 6 addressing pads (A5 A4...A1 A0) These are used to differentiate the 3 bonnets and the HAT on the I2C bus. Note that pads A1 and A0 (on the right) are shorted (binary 3).