Servo HAT and bonnets work with new Pi. Free Stone Peaches are at the produce stand. Pause for canning.

In "spare time" looking at making videos of simulator runs and uploading to Youtube. That spawned looking at screen capture, streaming video and editing. Putting train music as background(?) a trip to ASCAP & BMI. Back to building baseboard.

Pencil track layout revealed original design is too long. Changed curve radius to make things fit.

The parking lot, block 14, is much longer than expected so changing how that will be implemented. This will require two more IR sensors to define parking places vs using the block 14 IR sensors for the first and last parking places. The first "As build mod."

Finished pencil track layout. Used biscuits & screws to attach frame to plywood layout. Add lags and the gross woodwork will be done.

Added HelpNDoc software to menu. HelpNDoc is the software used to generate this documentation.

Also added Camtasia and Snagit screen capture and video edition software to the menu. Yes, I have been spending too much time looking at youtube model train videos. Now I'm thinking about a series for youtube and website.

Need to update interface board for Arduino Motor Shield and changes to interface on 16-Channel/ PWM/Servo HAT