Reordered the back ordered switches this time form the manufacture. Now I have an ETA of the end of August to have everything to lay track.

  • Need to get the lines drawn for the layout ad build the base and stand
  • Build all the mods needed
  • Order the needed 16-servo bonnets for the Raspberry to control the rest of the signals. Want them now to develop the controlling software.
  • Work on SW all the rest of the time

It seems that a problem common to model railroads is dirty tracks which keep the trans from going - who knew? Of course, there is a tool to clean the tracks which uses a cleaner and takes time from playing with your toys.

Trying to get to sleep this question occurred to me 'Is there a way to clean all my tracks (below) and travel over all the track only once?'

Looking at the four sets of 3 switches, in red, as nodes, and the block lines as edges, the answer emerges. This diagram is no Königsberg but the answer is NO, "Thank you L. Euler."

So, the question that follows is ' what is the shortest path to clean all the track?'