Computer Controlled Inglenook Puzzle Implementation
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Post by Ag2000 » Sat Apr 15, 2023 4:03 am

The Inglenook puzzle is a basic train shunting puzzle. The real world problem is to build a string of train cars, in the required order for the best delivery of goods along the train's rout. Available train cars are on three sidings, a switcher engine is on the head shunt. A google web search will reveal several websites and videos describing the puzzle, variation and other's implementations.

My approach is to write a computer control program to solve the puzzle, display graphics and control a model railroad executing the solution. Working on my other 'control process' project, Train Thing, I stumbled onto the Inglenook puzzle. I was/am having trouble with the Train Thing, controlling four trains to follow randomly assigned overlapping/intersecting paths in a non-deterministic manner, along with graphics. The Inglenook puzzle looks like a simpler process to work on while developing the needed skills to then apply to Train Thing.
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