Strap clamps to hold the label material to the label jig, and L-clamps to hold the jig onto the rotary table are made from pre-hardened 4140 steel. Clamps (two each) to hold the material are outlined on the left. The slot if for a 1/4"-20 bolt tightened into the label jig. The L-clamp on the right will hold the jig in place. That slot is for a 5/16" bolt matching the T-nut in the rotary table. Just to be sure I'm making 2 2" long and 2 1-1/2" long L-clamps.

Outline of 1/4" clamps and 5/16" L-clamps.

Not to be repetitive, but clamps also start with chunks of metal. Some of the 4140 steel needs to be removed. 

Rough cut of blocks of needed material.

"Some" hardened steel is a relative term. Starting with 3"x1" bar stock, I used my horizontal band saw to get just bigger than sizes needed: 2x1x3/4, 1.5x1x3/4, and 1.5x1x3/8 (the 1" sides need to be 3/4" or 13/16"). Late into the night of day one I milled one of the +1.5x1x+3/8 down to the required basic size 1.5x3/4x3/8 for a strap clamp. Looking at how much metal needs to be removed for the L-clamps I went back to the band saw. 

Day two was spent, with the band saw in the vertical configuration, making the eight cuts shown removing metal I will not have to mill off. Most of that time was spent putting the blade back on the saw. Really wanted to cut the width down close to size. The problem is the hole in the saw table around the blade is bigger than parts I am trying to make. The blade would catch the material, pull it in the hole, knock the blade off of the wheel. Finely decided the ROE was not worth the effort and went back to the mill.

Rough band saw cut of L-clamps

Day three was spent wearing the edge off of all my large cheap end mills. One more L-clamp close to dimension. Thinking ahead I ordered replacements yesterday; should arrive tomorrow pm.

With carbide cutters I got all the blanks down to basic size and shape. Spent day 6 & 7 dulling HSS drills and some mill tools getting the slots in two L-clamps and shaping the nose. Two L-clamps now look like the drawing! Good thing none of the dimensions are critical. Ordering replacement HSS drills and some carbide ones too. This 4041 steel has turned out to be expensive.

With carbide drill and end mills finished the clamps. With the correct tools the finish looks nice too. However, the strap clamps to hold material on the jig are too fat for the way I envision using them. 

Finished L-clamps Finished 1/4" strap clamps.

1/4" clamps showing "Fat" nose. Now that all the clamps are made, back to the jig.