Unicorn 16x16 LED display HAT

Raspberry Pi, Unicorn HAT HDUnicorn HAT on top of Raspberry Pi stack. (Yes, there is already an LED failure.)

Raspberry Pi, Unicorn HAT HD with extension

Cable and Unicorn HAT mount so LED array can be on top next to track and Raspberry and servo HATs can be under the layout.

Raspberry Pi, Unicorn HAT HD extension schematic Raspberry Pi / Unicorn HAT HD pinout

Two Unicorn HD HATs

Raspberry Pi with 2 Unicorn HATs

Doule  Unicorn HAT HD extension schematic

Unicor & interrupt interface board top Custom board to connect Unicorns to Raspberry Pi header - bottom

The 4 voltage dividers connect the 5v0dc interrupt outputs on the IO Pi HAT to 3v3dc GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi.

Unicorn Header

Schmatic of Unicorn header board

Version #2 of the Unicorn mounting board rotates each unicorn 90º which allows the pixels on the edge to set closer. Looks better. 

Unicorn mounting cabling version 2

The purpose of the new display is to rotate each unicorn 90° so that the rows of LEDs fit closer together. The "track" drawn on the overlay is crude.

Two unicorn display version 2