This jig was added to help drill the 180 holes needed for the 60 servo arms. There are no critical measurements for this jig. 

  • The cross piece located the jig against the end of the vise.
  • The 'notch' locates the part in the jig, i.e. under the spindle.
  • The long part of the jig acts as a parallel, holding the part up in the vise.
  • The width of the jig body is less that the width of the part to assure clamping of the part.
  • Two over-sized holes (slots) in the body of the jig clear the end of the drill.

What will be critical is location of the vise (jig and part) in the X, Y axis and then locked in place for each hole. With the jig each of the 60 parts can be located in the same relationship to the spindle and processed.

Jig for making servo bracket 

There was some extra metal in the blank I started with.

Lots of metel to remove Where all those chips came from Jig in use