***This processor has been removed from the design.***

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (3A) Host custom software to:

  • Manage command/response between the Laptop (4) and other processors:
    • Receive all commands from the Laptop.
    • Extract commands sent to this processor.
    • Forward commands to the Raspberry Pi 4 (3) not for this processor.
    • Forward responses from the Raspberry Pi 4 and Arduino (2) to the Laptop.
  • Process command, respond to commands from the Laptop.
  • Manage Turnout sensors: Add/Edit/Delete/Save.
  • Monitor Turnout sensor status.
  • Report changes in sensor status.
  • Monitor traffic from/to the Laptop (4) and the rest of the system (3A) (3) & (2).
  • Select and display randomized routes.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with header to breakout 26 of the 28 GPIO pins.

  • 24 pins to monitor state of 12 switches/turnouts provided by the Wabbits; 2 states Clear/Thrown for each switch.
  • 2 pins to control two LEDs, 1 orange and 1 blue, traffic monitor.


Raspberry Pi 3+B  with custom header for Turnout sensors