Other Control Commands

{From the laptop (4) to the Raspberry Pi (3)}

The interface to the Base Station is not standardized. NMRA defines the DCC standards between a Base Station and the hardware NOT the controllers to the Base Station. The following added commands from the laptop to the Raspberry Pi need to be coordinated only with the DCC++ commands going from the laptop to the Base Station (Arduino) through the same channel.

Command summary

    • < -- Start of added command
    • I|s – Command character
    • Zero bytes or {text string}
    • > -- End of added command

Added command response summary

    • < -- Start of response
    • I| -- Response character
    • Variable return data
    • > -- End of response

  • Log Information

Insert text string into the logging output. The though was to provide synchronization between the Laptop program and the Raspberry Pi logging data.

<I {text string}>

Returns: <I {text string}> Echo the laptop command.

  • Status request

Status request for both the Arduino Base Station and the Raspberry Pi. For Base Station response see DCC++ Commands




      • Track power status: power off <p0>, power on <p1>, system short <p2>.
      • Base Station version number
      • Network connection
      • Throttle status: (see <t…> returns <T…>)
      • Turnout status (see <T> returns <H…>)
      • Sensor status (see <S> returns <Q|q …>)
      • Output status (see <Z> returns <Y…>)

Raspberry Pi:

      • Raspberry Pi version number
      • Network connection
      • Signal status (see added <G> returns <K…>)
      • Sensor status (see added <S> returns <Q|q …>)