Simulator setup window - screen shotWhen the simulator is started from the website main menu, this screen can be resized to make room for the simulator graphics in a second window by clicking the <Create Second Window> button.

Hovering over a button will open a popup window with a one line explanation "Help" for the button. Clicking on the small question mark icons by options will open a new browser tab with a contextual link into the simulator documentation.

The initialization screen can be divided into four areas:

  1. <Create Second Window>
  • Resize the window shown at left to make room for a second window for the simulator graphics.
  • Click the <Create Second Window> button to open the window.
  • Resize the second window so the two windows do not overlap.
  1. Display Labels
  • This section controls which labels are displayed in the simulator graphic. Most of the labels were added for development but clutter the screen if just running a simulation.
  • Individual labels can be selected with the check-boxes. The "All" or "None" radio buttons are shortcuts to those options.
  • The graphics will update after clicking the <Update Labels Displayed> button.
  1. Configure Trains
  • This section is used to assign a colored train to one of the four paths, small figure-8, large figure-8, small oval or large oval. Each path may be followed in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction.
  • Using the drop-down lists at least one train must be assigned to a path. It make no sense to run the simulator with no trains assigned.
  • A train can be assigned to only one path. 
  1. Simulator Control
  • <Run Train(s)> Transfers control to Main loop program to run the simulation configured here.
  • <Random Trains> Randomly selects 1-4 trains to simulate. The trains are then randomly assigned to a path and then "a coin" is flipped to select direction. These selections are displayed in the Configure Trains section and may be manually changed before clicking <Run Train(s)> to start the simulation.
  • <End TrainThing> will exit the simulator. The display window is closed and control is returned to the TrainThing splash web page.