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Added First TrainCam video

Post by Ag2000 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 5:20 pm

First "TrainCam" video has been a learning experience. Got to start somewhere
  • The stupid camera has audio!
  • Going around a loop shows everything in the playroom! (shop)
  • Next time put up the backdrop to at least hide the stuff.
  • Need to set some of the nails holding down the tack.
  • Need to paint some nail heads black. Maybe the IR lights were on?
(In fact the bright spots are the LED IR emitters on the sensors embedded in the track.)
  • From this angle, I didn't lay the track very straight. Maybe next time
Reading the manual I think the camera was in the motion-detection mode with the IR lights on.
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Post by Jefferyvax » Sat Feb 10, 2024 1:55 pm

thats cool.... the black and white car needs some practice .... its a nice track too... thought it was real at first, but i saw the ceiling.. lol.... nice
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